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Jane Ebert

Callie Carson

Jaime Watson



Jane Ebert and Callie Carson

Elaine Wood, Jaime Watson, and
Andrea Goforth

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Cortney Holshouser, Martha Holshouser, and Christy Perdue

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Maggie Tennant

Jaime Watson

Gayle Jones

NCJAA Liaison
Brooke Harward

News From the North Carolina Angus Auxiliary
Christy Perdue, NC Angus Auxiliary President

The North Carolina Angus Auxiliary had a busy and successful 2016.

We had great attendance and made plans to continue our mission to promote and support the Angus breed during our Annual and Spring meetings. Our Silent Auction and Live auctions continued to be a big success.

The Auxiliary was fortunate enough to be able to support our juniors as well as complete membership drives at the NC Angus State Show and Jr. Beef.  We were excited to provide gifts for all exhibitors at the State Show and offered a fun drawing for an Angus Grill Basket at Jr. Beef. 

In 2016, we were excited to finalize our NC Angus Auxiliary Merit Award and offered it for the first time.  We were proud to award 11 deserving juniors this year at the 2017 NC Angus Association Annual Meeting. 

We continued with our annual Summer Outing in July at Sysco Raleigh.  Auxiliary members and their guests enjoyed a tour of Sysco Raleigh with a focus on their partnership with Certified Angus Beef.  We concluded the tour with a picnic lunch featuring CAB products. 

The North Carolina Angus Auxiliary started 2017 with our Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the North Carolina Angus Association Annual Meeting on February 11 in Winston Salem.  We were fortunate to have 17 members and 2 guests in attendance, including several new members!  Our meeting and program took place at Hutch and Harris Restaurant.  Along with a delicious lunch, we enjoyed a fun Make and Take activity with a Spice Rub Bar.  Our meeting was led by Jaime Watson, 2016 President.  Our annual events, service projects, and fundraising goals for 2017 were discussed during our meeting.  We are excited for what this new year will bring and hope to add more wonderful ladies to our Auxiliary.

Our new officers for 2017 were elected and installed as well.  The leadership for the NC Angus Auxiliary includes Christy Perdue (President), Jane Ebert (President Elect), Callie Carson (Secretary/Treasurer), and Jaime Watson (Advisor).  Please contact any of our executive team with questions or suggestions.

One of our major fundraisers for the year is always our Annual Silent Auction.  Each year we are excited to provide a wide range of unique items, many Angus themed, for those in attendance to bid on.  We love that this gives us the opportunity to showcase the talents and creativity of our members while allowing us to continue to support our Angus family with awards, scholarships, service, and gifts.  Looking forward to our 2018 Silent Auction already! 

In addition to our Silent Auction, we are excited to announce our 2017 raffle for a chance to win one of three prizes.  Prizes include a Henry Repeating Arms Rifle and a Yeti cooler.  We will be selling tickets throughout the year, hopefully starting this Spring and will continue until Annual Meeting 2018, where our drawing will take place and winners will be announced.  Tickets will be $5 each or 6 for $20.  Contact Cortney Holshouser with questions or see an Auxiliary member for details or to buy tickets.

We have several events planned for the upcoming year and any woman (member or non-member) is invited to join us!  Upcoming events include our Spring Meeting which will be held in conjunction with the Spring Fever Sale on Saturday, May 6 at the Upper Piedmont Research Station in Reidsville, NC. Tentative meeting time is 9:30am (prior to the sale) and will include a delicious breakfast.  Our Summer Outing is currently being planned.  Please stay tuned for tentative dates and locations.  An invitation to this outing is extended to all Angus ladies, as well as female junior members and their mothers and grandmothers.  We look forward to this outing bringing our two organizations together and to provide a fun way to get to know each other better.  Invitations and further details to follow.  Please contact Jane Ebert for further details. 

We encourage all juniors to apply for our 2017 Achievement Award.  Applications are due by December 31.  Applications and details are available on our website.  Please see an Auxiliary member if you have questions. 
We look forward to 2017 and what it will bring!  We hope to see you at the many NC Angus sponsored events this year and hope to continue to grow in our membership and our services!   


NC Angus Auxiliary Members at our
2017 Annual Meeting
  2017 Officers - Christy Perdue, Callie Carson,
Jane Ebert, and Jaime Watson
Sprice Rub Bar during NC Angus Auxiliary
2017 Annual Meeting
  NC Angus Auxiliary Members and Guests
at 2016 Summer Outing

Shirley Bowers 406 Overbrook Drive
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Carol Perdue 161 Best View Drive
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Kathleen Winslow 926 Moonlight Road
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American Angus Auxiliary Lifetime Members
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Jane Ebert 437 Clark Hop Rd
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