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North Carolina Angus Auxiliary - Summer Outing to the Pottery Capital of the United States

Christy Perdue, North Carolina Angus Auxiliary Publicity Chair

The town of Seagrove is considered "The Handmade Pottery Capital of the United States, "with visitors including those from all 50 states and as far away as Australia. This beautiful countryside has the largest concentration of working potters in the United States.
Seagrove is a small town in central North Carolina and has been home to potters since the 18th century. Potters were drawn to the area by two things that all potters needed in that era; good clay and an abundant supply of trees for firewood to heat their kilns.
Seagrove is home to more than 100 individual potters. Some of the most widely known potters include Vernon Owens, Ben Owen III, and Waymon Cole. The forefathers of Ben Owen III came to North Carolina from England as early as the late 1700s to ply their craft and furnish storage jars and other utilitarian wares to early settlers.
Fifteen miles North of Seagrove is the growing town of Asheboro, "Zoo City," which is part of the Greensboro-High Point Metropolitan Area of the Piedmont Triad. The North Carolina Zoo is the world's largest natural habitat zoo. Along with the Zoo, Asheboro has a booming downtown, full of coffee shops, antique and thrift shops, and delicious, unique restaurants. There is really something for everyone and is "exactly where you want to be."
Asheboro and Seagrove have always been special places to me and my family, our second home for sure. My mother was raised in Seagrove and then moved to Asheboro as a teenager. We have many rich and wonderful roots that run through this area, and we always love showing it off! So, when it came to planning this year's summer outing for the North Carolina Angus Auxiliary, Cortney Holshouser (NC Angus Auxiliary President Elect) knew she needed to show off her "home away from home."
Cortney created and led our North Carolina Angus Auxiliary members and friends on an outing in and around the Pottery Capital of the USA. This year, like last year, we offered the option of an overnight stay. Ten members and friends extended their adventures and spent Friday exploring downtown Asheboro and the many Antique Stores, set out to do some early pottery shopping, and then met at Positano Italian Restaurant, in downtown Asheboro, for a delicious dinner and wonderful fellowship.
Saturday morning began at one of Asheboro's more unique and delicious restaurants, The Table. Twenty-one guests gathered to start the day off right with amazing pastries, unique breakfast sandwiches, and delicious French toast, just to name a few. The coffee was just the energy we needed to take on a busy day of shopping and exploring.
We then made our way, 15 miles South, to the quaint town of Seagrove. Our guests were able to take in a variety of what the potters of Seagrove have to offer at Seagrove Pottery Consignment Store. The consignment shops allow visitors to purchase pieces from local potters that do not have a store front, from pottery shops that are no longer in business, or to set sights on those pottery shops they would like to visit in person.
Our next stop took us behind the consignment shop, to the North Carolina Pottery Center. Here, we were able to view the history and progression of pottery in North Carolina. A Face Jug exhibit showed off a unique category of pottery found in Seagrove. The Pottery Center also provides maps and guides to the local potteries. An added bonus is the ability to purchase a variety of pottery pieces, both new and vintage. A special find was the Cole Pottery that we purchased.
We then set out to visit some of the individual, unique, and well-established pottery shops deeper into Seagrove, including Jugtown Pottery, Chrisco Pottery, and O'Quinn Pottery. O'Quinn Pottery was the site of our delicious, homemade charcuterie box lunches, in addition to homemade oatmeal cookies and a regional favorite, persimmon pudding, made by our host, Sandra. Owners, Sandra and Glen, outdid themselves as host site of our lunch as well as providing a wonderful demonstration of the traditional process of turning pottery. We were lucky enough to see the opening of a kiln as well…a special treat for sure! O'Quinn Pottery also made our adorable ear tag ornaments that were a gift to all that attended.
Our crew ended the day at another regional favorite, Sir Pizza, in Asheboro. We had a wonderful two days in Asheboro and Seagrove! If you get a chance to visit the area, I hope this helps you plan your trip. Enjoy your day on a self guided driving tour down some of North Carolina's scenic byways!


The NC Angus Auxiliary Summer Outing is always a great time of fellowship

Our Annual Meeting is a time to make plans for the coming year and catch up with Angus friends   The Auxiliary is proud to support our NC Angus Juniors by awarding merit awards
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