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Annual Meeting
Roy Swisher, Chair
Greg Collins, Callie Carson, Sharon Rogers, Brooke Harward, John Brewer
Constitution & Bylaws
Henry Vines, Chair
Mike Moss, Kim Starnes, Howard Gentry
Angus Advantage Sale
James Britt/John Smith, Chair
Callie Carson, Jeff Wood, Zach Moffitt
Howard Gentry, Chair
Kim Starnes, Howard Gentry, John Smith
Fairs and Shows
Brooke Harward, Chair
Brent Scarlett
Field Day/Tours
Mark Wilburn, Chair Louis Fulcher, Michael Wyatt
Robin Hampton, Chair
Hall of Fame and Awards
Richard Kirkman, Chair
Howard Gentry, Doug Rowell, Jim Scarlett
Suzanne Brewer, Chair
Brooke Harward, Cortney Holshouser, Christy Perdue
Human Resources
Mike Moss, Chair
Callie Carson, Kim Starnes
Long Range Planning
Mike Moss, Chair
Engage commercial producer
Callie Carson, Chair
Zach Moffitt, Scottie London, Mike Moss
Membership Growth/Membership
Roy Swisher, Chair
Sharon Rogers, Mike Moss, John Brewer, Reese Tuckwiller
NC Angus value
Mike Moss, Chair
Sharon Rogers, Chair
John Brewer
Zach Moffitt, Chair
Greg Collins, Louis Fulcher
James Britt, Chair Eugene Shuffler, Henry Vines
NC Purebred Breeders Council
Zach Moffitt, Chair
Jeff Wood
Eugene Shuffler, Chair
Kim Starnes, Mike Moss
Exec. Comm.
Sharon Rogers, Chair
Sanders Scholarship
Sharon Rogers, Chair
Suzanne Brewer, Elaine Scarlett, Sanders Family
Spring Fever Sale/ Genetic Harvest Sale
Brent Scarlett, Chair
Daniel Wall, Louis Fulcher
Website/Social Media
Sharon Rogers, Chair
Roy Swisher, Zach Moffitt, Brooke Harward, April Bowman
Wood Endowment
Jeff Wood, Chair
Cortney Holshouser, Sharon Rogers