Panther Creek Farms, Pink Hill, NC is owned by John C. Smith, Jr. a practicing CPA in Pink Hill.  John owns several tracts of land in the area and is actively involved in many areas of farming.   He has herds of registered Angus and also a commercial herd. John is also a swine producer with four finishing houses and a large farrowing to weaning house. 

John’s start in the cattle business began in the late 1980s-early 1990s and he began trying to change from a short cow to the taller one, tried to breed more milk into them and tried to breed to increase the size of his calves. 

He and friend, Roy Outlaw traveled to the Oak Summit Dispersal Sale in Winston Salem and he purchased his first registered Angus cattle there.  John has continued adding cattle to his herd and now has approximately 110 mature females in his herds. 

At one time John was using ET and A-I to increase the size of his herd and also to achieve the quality of his cattle.  John initially bought bred cows or cow/calf pairs, but has started buying more heifers.

Panther Creek bulls have consistently been top gaining/indexing and top selling bulls on the Butler Bull test.  He has also sold bulls thru the North Carolina Angus Association’s Down East Sale and the SEE Performance Tested Bull Sale with Dexter Edwards in Clinton.

John has also had several winning heifers and bulls on the North Carolina and South Carolina show circuit.  Kem 322 of Woodlawn,  Rosewood Apache 1084 and PCF of 365 Skymere 022 are probably the most recognizable.
John’s herd now is primarily Angus and his commercial herd is Angus based.  Rosewood Apache was a herd sire that John used extensively and still has females with Apache influence.  Gambles Playmaker was another of his herd sires.  There are still females influenced by the old Pack Power line. 

The last several years John’s herd sires have included Springfield 9M25 1102 and Springfield Complete 1084 from Phil Goodson, Springfield Angus, Louisburg.  John continues to use Gar Predestined T598 from Gardner Angus Ranch in Kansas.
John says “I have chosen to purchase and use A-I quality sires to produce the caliber of heifers and bulls that we have for sale.  Maternal is a must and carcass and growth being a top priority.”

John has registered Angus bred cows and open heifers, bred Angus influence cows and registered Angus bulls on the 2013 Down East Sale.  The Sale catalog is online @ and can be viewed from the home page.  Look over John’s lots and if you have questions call him at 252-526-1929

John C. Smith, Jr. :: Owner
PO Box 417 :: Pink Hill, NC 28572
Day :: (252) 568-4271       Night :: (252) 568-3478